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German start-up review 2020

Conexbird (LogTech)

The Finnish start-up analywes the deep structure of containers to reduce costs, time, and emissions. Somehow a lot of people seem to jump on measuring a container's well-being over-and-above temperature control and geo-positioning. Further integration of sensors such as air-pressure control, might be a way to build a comprehensive quality management system around the box. However, rates are low and the relative costs of the system need to refelct this. We met Dustin, their CDO, at the AirbusBizlab in Hamburg on 27/02/2020.

Evitado (Aeronautics)

Great idea that helps aircrafts to avoid damage during taxi on the airfield. The parking aid can be installed temporarily on the aircraft monitoring the area while it is moving, and alerting the ground support team if a collision risk appears. Smart stand-alone solution as integration into the aircraft's body would trigger a lengthy recertification process. We met with Alex, one of the founders, at the AirbusBizlab in Hamburg on 27/02/2020.

PRIOjet Logistics (LogTech)

Emergency services in logistics are always considered a margin enhancing complement for a highly cost-pressured industry. This platform approach tries to match the needs of logistics companies with the offering of on-board couriers which often work freelance and and have a high variability in their utilisation. The question remains if companies are willing to make process and pricing more transparent while eventually rolling their existing networks into this solution. Maybe it is better to build an own emergency solution with a fully automated workflow management and resource scheduling. We met with Christian, founder and CEO, at the AirbusBizlab in Hamburg on 27/02/2020.

NautilusLog (LogTech)

The digital logbook for shipping is probably the most successful idea out of the Digital Logistics Hub, a regional initiative to promote start-up ideas around Hamburg harbour and the maritime industry in general. The event-based app allows tracking, reporting, and collaboration between the ship and the control tower on-shore which bears a lot of similarities to our Labstep investment though in a very different environment. Data privacy is certainly a concern, especially when shared in real-time logging all crew movements. We met with Lian, who recently joind the team, at the AirbusBizlab in Hamburg on 27/02/2020.


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